J.U.N.E. Project

For the City of Pottsville, once crown jewel of the Southern Anthracite region, the road to recovery has been long and arduous.

However, the progress made in rejuvenating and revitalizing neighborhoods in the last several years has been nothing short of astounding.

Volunteer landscapers working on a project.

Through the concerted efforts of community members and volunteer groups, neighborhoods blighted by abandoned buildings and crumbling facades are gaining a new and vibrant identity.

The dynamic behind this transformation is a cooperative spirit among residents, merchants, and volunteer groups. This united effort has created a synergy, and is the driving force behind neighborhood revitalization.

One of the greatest assets to our revitalization effort is a group of teen volunteers known as the J.U.N.E. Project (Jesus Uniting Neighborhoods Everywhere) and also known as Darryl’s Army.

The New Jersey-based group of about a hundred teens, who’ve traveled a great distance at their own expense, lended their labor and enthusiasm to community projects in the ‘Elm Street’ district in the City of Pottsville, as well as other areas of Schuylkill County.

Landscapers posing for a picture!
Some J.U.N.E. Project volunteers.

During the summer of 2009, the J.U.N.E. Project made a positive impact everywhere they focused their efforts. A few of their accomplishments from last summer included…

  • Clearing of debris and initial planting of greenery in the pocket park located in the 500 block of North Centre Street
  • Stream cleaning and beautification along the creek walk at the Barefield Recreation Complex
  • The “Overlook” Park located between Route 61 and Terry Reiley Way off Nichols Street
The J.U.N.E. Project brings fervor to the neighborhoods they work in, which acts as a catalyst. Merchants and residents unite for the common goal of moving our City and County closer to the thriving center of commerce and culture that the City of Pottsville and County of Schuylkill once were.

Schuylkill Community Action is asking for your assistance to help feed this army of volunteers. These teens travel a long distance, at their own expense, to pitch in and support our revitalization efforts throughout the City and County.

To help support the J.U.N.E Project effort, we would like to provide lunches and dinners for our volunteers, as well as provide them with water, soft drinks, and ice (we are planning cookouts for dinner). Additionally, we would like to provide transportation within the County for this large group of volunteers.

Monetary contributions or donations of food or refreshments are greatly appreciated. I would like to thank you in advance for any consideration and support of this effort. Please contact me if you can help at (570) 622-1995 or email me at jfeeser@schuylkillcommunityaction.com.

Click here for the J.U.N.E. Project Contribution Form.

Jeffery A. Feeser
Schuylkill Community Action

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