Utility Assistance

With partnerships from PPL Electric Utilities and UGI (United Gas, Inc.), SCA’s Utility Assistance Program is designed to assist low-income individuals pay for needed utility services, pending the availability of program funding.

If you’re applying for utility assistance, please complete the all applications listed in this page for each member of your household.



Please send applications and inquiries to:

On Track

The On Track payment program is a great way for PPL customers to catch up on their back debt. This program is designed to lower a customer’s monthly payment while PPL forgives a portion of the back debt upon compliance with the program.

On Track has several guidelines that need to be met before enrollment, so you are encouraged to contact SCA to check your eligibility. One important note is that proof of income is required as part of the application process.


In order to be eligible for On Track, all clients’ total household incomes must not exceed 150% of the established poverty guidelines.

150% Guidelines – Poverty Level
Family Size Annual
1 $22,590
2 30,660
3 38,730
4 46,800
5 54,870
6 62,940
7 71,010
8 79,080
+1 $8,070

Requirements / Documentation

Applicants must provide documentation of income for the three previous whole months and their current light bills.

Several eligibility requirements must be met. If a client is found to be eligible and is enrolled for On Track, PPL will:

  • accept a reduced payment as coverage for electric service.
  • cancel a portion of any debt owed to PPL every time an On Track payment is on time.
  • provide energy education.

Operation Help

Operation HELP is a PPL Electric program that provides grants to eligible families struggling with their electric bills. Operation HELP is funded by the generous contributions of PPL employees and customers. If you make up to 250% of the federal poverty line and your household meets the income guidelines below, you are eligible to apply for Operation HELP.


Operation Help provides emergency financial assistance to fixed and low-income PPL customers who, as a result of severe hardship(s), are having difficulty paying their energy bills.

The program also provides energy assistance to those fixed and low-income PPL customers who do not qualify for the federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

UGI Customer Assistance & Operation Share Program

This program offers an income-based or usage based payment agreement with the opportunity for arrearage and shortfall forgiveness. It is intended to help with past due gas utility bills.


All clients must meet the following requirements:

  • Total household income must not exceed established monthly federal poverty guidelines. Please view the table at the right for details.
  • The household must have an active UGI account and have UGI as their primary gas supplier.
  • The applicant must live at the property and have the gas service in their name.
  • Applicants must have a verifiable source of income.

Landlords with rental properties do not qualify.

CAP and Operation Share – Monthly Federal Poverty Guidelines

Family Size 150% (CAP) 200% (OS)
1 $1,883 $3,138
2 $2,555 $4,258
3 $3,228 $5,379
4 $3,900 $6,500
5 $4,573 $7,621
6 $5,245 $8,742
7 $5,918 $9,863
8 $6,590 $10,983
+1 $673 $1,121

SCA is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.

We are firmly committed to the provision of assistance regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, military status, sexual orientation, or marital/family status.