Food Pantry Volunteers

Schuylkill Community Action food network volunteers
At the core of the Schuylkill Food Network, coordinated by Schuylkill Community Action (SCA), a dedicated team of over 400 volunteers drives the mission forward. Operating 20 pantries in 20 different locations across Schuylkill County on a regular basis, rain or shine, they are the lifeline ensuring no one in the community goes hungry.

A heartfelt thank you to these unsung heroes! Their tireless efforts extend beyond the distribution of food; they embody the spirit of our community, serving as beacons of hope and resilience.

To our volunteers, your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Month after month, your commitment brightens even the darkest days. Your impact is immeasurable, reaching far beyond the shelves stocked with necessities.

Schuylkill Community Action food network volunteers

You are the architects of hope and builders of resilience, aligning with the mission of SCA to focus all available resources on low-income Schuylkill County residents, empowering them to achieve self-sufficiency. By providing essential nourishment, we are not just filling stomachs; we are creating a foundation for individuals and families to focus on building a brighter, more self-sufficient future. Your dedication is the driving force behind this transformative journey.

Let’s join together in a round of applause, acknowledging these everyday champions – the heartbeat of our community. Here’s to the volunteers!

For information on upcoming pantries in your area or to learn about volunteer opportunities, visit

Brighter Holiday Project: Celebrating 26 Years of Giving

Schuylkill Community Action Brighter Holiday Project Campaign Christmas

In our 26th annual Brighter Holiday Project, the spirit of giving reached new heights, touching the lives of 16 families and 49 children in our community. This year, the project, solely fueled by donations, received overwhelming support from over 50 sources including business and individuals – both longstanding contributors and first-time donors. The generosity was truly unparalleled, resulting in the highest amount raised in the project’s history.

Thanks to this incredible support, we were able to provide not only warm clothing and thoughtful gifts for every child under the age of 18, but also ensured each family enjoyed a special holiday meal. The selection process, guided by our compassionate staff, focused on families presenting a greater need, though we recognize that every family we serve could benefit from this project. As we look to the future, our goal is to continue expanding our capacity, with the hope of assisting even more families and bringing joy to an increasing number of children each year. We are deeply grateful for the community’s unwavering support, making the Brighter Holiday Project a beacon of generosity and kindness.

Brighter Holiday: Families’ Words of Gratitude

Schuylkill Community Action Brighter Holiday Project Campaign Christmas

“I’m a single mom to 3 kids, and this year, things were tough, money was tight. Without the Brighter Holiday Project from Schuylkill Community Action, my children wouldn’t have had a Christmas.”

“Thanks to the Brighter Holiday Project, my children were able to have a Christmas they’ll never forget. Each one of my children, including my brand new baby, received things that they were just over the moon happy to have… We could not have done this ourselves this year.”

A Message from the Executive Director

As we step into the new year, I extend my warmest wishes to each of you for a year filled with joy, resilience, and prosperity. In the spirit of new beginnings, let us continue to stand together, supporting one another as we navigate through the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead.

In the pursuit of a brighter financial future, especially for individuals facing economic constraints, fostering financial literacy is key. I urge each of you to prioritize financial education and empowerment in the coming year. Consider crafting a budget tailored to your income and expenses, seeking out local workshops or resources on financial management, and exploring avenues for building savings, no matter how small the contributions. Embracing smart financial habits, such as tracking expenses, avoiding high-interest debt, and exploring community resources for financial guidance, can significantly empower us to achieve greater stability and security in the months ahead. Let’s embark on this new year with a commitment to enhancing our financial well-being together.

To learn how we may be able to assist you with financial literacy, contact our Financial Education coach at (570) 622-1995 or visit

David Young
Executive Director
Schuylkill Community Action

SCA is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.

We are firmly committed to the provision of assistance regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, military status, sexual orientation, or marital/family status.

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